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Welcome to VIP Kata Condominium, the largest complex of residential real estate in the heart of Kata village, just 500m from the beach.

The Project is built by Phuket9 Real Estate Development Company, a leading developer with 15 years of experience in construction and management of profitable real estate in the island, and designed by Phuket’s leading architects and one of the top Chinese designer for the second Phase.

The complex features more than 380 apartments in 5 buildings,  4 large shared swimming pools, 3 restaurants, a kids club, a gym, a spa and rooftop gardens.

Advantages of the project

  • Family Residence with 4 star services
  • 500 meters from beach, 10 minutes by walk
  • Unique project concept, kids park, roof gardens
  • Shared pools, restaurants, fitness, gym, kids club
  • Completed buildings and 2 more buildings under construction
  • Rental program with 56% ROI (7% per year for 8 years)
  • Instant income already during construction works
  • Unit buyback option for fixed investment exit
  • Furniture and decoration packages are included in the price
  • Bonuses for customers like discounts in company residence

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VIP Kata Condominium is a family project. The concept of family hotels for the developer was successfully implemented in their first project Rawai VIP Villas, where was built the unique children’s park Rawai Park.

General areas of the project are given special attention. Parks and restaurants have been designed on the roofs and upper floors of the buildings, spacious halls, sports halls and common swimming pools around the buildings and on the roofs.

The first phase of the project was sold at 70% within three months only. The sales of the second phase began early 2018 and is very popular for investors. For the second phase of this project the Developer invited one of the top Chinese designer companies who rethought the units layouts and added fresh and modern look to the new buildings.

From March 2019 Phuket9 offers an option of repurchasing apartments registered under leasehold, available only for a limited amount of apartments.

56% Rental Income

Rental program and apartment management in VIP KATA Condominium operates for 8 years and brings 7% income per annum to a customer. Value-added tax is deducted from rental income. At the end of a rental program agreement further cooperation or agreement extension is discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Instant Rental Income

If customer purchases an apartment in new buildings of VIP KATA Condominium, he/she has an opportunity to receive income starting the next day after full advanced payment is done, even before construction is completed. In other words, if a customer decides to make a full advanced payment, his/her investment will bring income instantly after the payment is transferred to a company account.

Buyback Agreement

Agreement of buyback by a developer is signed together with a unit purchase agreement of VIP KATA Condominium. This agreement is signed by a customer optionally.

Unit may be bought-out by a developer at the end of a rental program (after 8 years). A customer has an opportunity to get 56% (7% per annum) rental return and plan investment exit with 100% unit price return.

Condominium unit buyback agreement implies obligatory unit sale to a developer in case customer signed this agreement. If at the end of a rental program customer planning to sell an apartment by himself/herself at market or extend rental program agreement with a developer, buyback agreement should be not signed.

Master Plan

Floor Plans

Gound Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan

4th Floor Plan

5th Floor Plan

6th Floor Plan

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8th Floor Plan

Unit Plans

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Start from 3 698 000 THB for 30 sqm studio leasehold including all furniture and decoration (freehold units are sold out)
Average price per sqm is 140 000 THB for turnkey unit. Prices depend on floor, view, location

Rental program

  • Compulsory for all buyers
  • Agreement is for 7% for 8 years, can be extended
  • Owner’s rental Income is calculated from the full purchase-price as stated in the purchase agreement
  • Payments are twice a year every 6 months, to be made to Buyers’ Thai bank account, which we assist the buyer to open
  • Free-stay for owner 30 nights from May to October or 15 nights from November to April
  • Owner can use an apartment any other periods. Costs of stay are deducted from owner’s rental income.

Payment Terms

  • 1. Booking: 100,000 THB Reservation
  • 2. 20% Purchase Agreement, within 20 days
  • 3.  20% Foundation works done
  • 4.  20% Building structure completed
  • 5.  20% Completion of the walls
  • 6.  20% Completion of interior and ownership

Other payments paid by the Buyer:
• One time: 1,25% from Selling Price — Registration Fee
• One time: 400 THB per sq.m. — Sinking Fund
• Every year: 720 THB per sq.m. — Common Area

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387 Apartments for sale
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