Welcome to Botanica Luxury Villas, a collection of bespoke modern style pool villas on the West coast of Phuket island, Thailand.

Following the success and the design of 100+ bespoke private villas, the developer has launched recently several new projects on the island.

The pristinely manicured Laguna neighbourhood hosts numerous family oriented activities and is dotted with a plenitude of boutique shops and restaurants.

Unique Balinese and Modern Luxury styles design, excellent locations and well-known brand explain the tremendous success of Botanica villas.

Botanica The Nature

Prestigious Developer

Architecture Properties & Development company creates private homes in Phuket for over 15 years, in Bangtao area, Layan and Cherngtalay. The team have applied architectural genius into creating a unique sanctuary living environment filled with calmness and mountain scenery.

Botanica Villas projects are now well recognized and have won prestigious awards as Best Luxury Villa Development in Phuket, in Thailand and even in South East Asian region.

Botanica Luxury villas Awards

Design Concept

The architects find their inspiration in local culture but also from other countries in Asia, like the Tri Mandala concept from Indonesia.

Traditional Balinese homes, like palaces and places of worship, are designed for harmonious living with an open-air space enclosed by protective walls.

Inside the walls, a spacious courtyard with small pavilions creates tranquillity with 3 Mandala zones to enhance our relationship with nature and the spirit.

Botanica villas feature free-flowing floor plans with folding doors, transom windows above the doors and vaulted ceilings.  Several standard designs are available to buyers to ensure they get a villa that suits their style.

These elite homes will see natural wood blended with natural stone, imported kitchen cabinetry and high specification smart home technology.

The latest projects feature new designs; Modern Luxury, Ultra Modern, Zen Design that fits perfeclty with new trends.

Botanica Ocean Valley villa

Botanica Lakeside

Botanica Lakeside villas

Botanica Lakeside comprises 19 private pool villa with Lake views, perched on the hill, closed to Layan Beach and Bangtao Beach.

Botanica Lakeside villas comes in 3 and 4 bedrooms configuration, in plot land from 381 to 803 sqm. The modern design keeps similarities with previous phases including Balinese Bale and large private pool.

  • Location: Layan
  • Plot size from 381 to 803 sqm
  • Number of villas: 19
  • 3 and 4 bedrooms units
  • 19 villas for sale, 5 units left

Botanica Foresta 2

Botanica Foresta villas Phase 2 - Villa Type 4B

Following the tremendous success of Botanica Foresta, the developer has launched Phase 2 with Modern Luxury Designed villas.

Botanica Foresta 2 features 4 types of villas design to choose from, with plot land from 480 to 1,410 sqm.

Experience The Feeling of Luxury Living in a Forest with Botanica Foresta 2.

  • Location: Layan
  • Total Project Area : 88,148 sq.m
  • Number of villas: 52
  • Land plot sixe: from 480 to 1410 sqm
  • Design: Modern Luxury design
  • 4 Villa Types to choose from
  • 3 and 4 bedrooms / 4-6 bathrooms
Botanica Foresta 2 villas

Botanica Loft Design 2

Botanica Modern Loft 2

Botanica Modern Loft, the 11th Project from the developer, comprised 40 modern pool villas located on Layan Hills.

Due to its prime location and affordable prices, this project was sold out quickly. Following this success, the developer has just launched phase 2 of this popular developement; Botanica Modern Loft 2.

The villas features 3 or 4 bedrooms configuration and complete with private swimming pool and landscaped garden and  plots vary in size between 468 sqm and 856 sqm.

  • Location: Layan
  • 54 villas for sale (8 left only)
  • 3 and 4 bedrooms villas
  • Plot size: 468 to 856 sqm
  • Villa Design : Modern loft
  • 3 Types of design to choose from
  • Ownership: Freehold & Leasehold

Master Plan

Botanica Modern Loft 2 Master Plan

Botanica Four Seasons

Botanica Four Seasons

Botanica Four Seasons is perfectly set amidst the Nature in Pru Jampa area, yet not far from the white sand beaches.

The new exclusive residence features several types of villa design, with 3 or 4 bedrooms; Zen Design in Spring, Modern Loft Design in Autumn.

Enjoy each season fully with Botanica Four Seasons.

  • Location: Pru Jampa
  • Total Project Area : 154,461 sqm
  • 67 villas for sale
  • 3 and 4 bedrooms villas
  • Land plot sixe:  424 to 1,050 sqm
  • Design: Zen  / Modern Loft
  • 4 Types of design to choose from

Botanica Forestique

Botanica Foresta 2

Botanica Forestique, a new villa development by Awards winning architects from Botanica Luxury Phuket.

The Modern Luxury and Tropical Balinese designs are crafted with a unique blend of urban living, healthy lifestyle, and natural beauty.

Botanica Forestique enjoys a prime location at the center of trendy Cherng Talay village, on the West coast of Phuket island.

  • Location: Cherng Talay
  • Number of villas: 65
  • Land plot sixe: from 674 to 1,168 sqm
  • Built-up size: from 424- 567 sqm
  • Design: Modern Luxury / Tropical Balinese
  • 5 Types of design to choose from

Botanica Grand Avenue

Botanica Grand Avenue villas - Type GFC

With experience in developing luxury pool villas for over a decade and spanning more than 15 projects, Botanica Luxury Villas stands out above the crowds with its Masterpiece.

The modern luxury and tropical Balinese designs combined with highest quality of materials, makes Botanica arguably the most prestigious brand in Phuket.

Botanica Grand Avenue is the latest mega and exceptional project located in the heart of Laguna area, on the West coast of Phuket island.

  • Location: Phuket Laguna
  • Number of villas: 51 (Zones A+B)
  • Land plot sixe: from 852 to 2,036 sqm
  • Built-up size: from 500 sqm
  • Design: Ultra Luxury / Balinese Collection
  • 7 Types of design to choose from

Botanica Hillside

Botanica Hillside

Botanica Hillside is the latest project under Botanica’s umbrella, located in the new prime area of Phuket – Bangjo area – just a few minutes drive from the Bangtao beach and only 20 minutes drive to the Phuket nternational Airport.

Botanica Hillside features a limited collection of 12 villas only, all following the famous Botanica Tropical Balinese Style with 4 standart design types.

  • Location: Bangjo
  • Number of villas: 12
  • Land plot sixe: from 531 to 1,026 sqm
  • Built-up size: from 319 sqm
  • Design: Tropical Balinese
  • 4 Types of villas to choose from

Master Plan

Botanica Hillside Master Plan

Botanica Prestige

Botanica Prestige Villas

Botanica Prestige is crafted with a unique blend of urban living, healthy lifestyle, and natural beauty.

The Tropical Balinese design luxury villas feature 4 bedrooms, 11.5m private  pool and high-end amenities

Botanica Prestige enjoys a prime location at the center of Phuket Laguna area, on the West coast of Phuket island.

  • Location: Cherng Talay
  • Number of villas: 7
  • Land plot sixe: from 601 to 683 sqm
  • Built-up size: from 419 sqm
  • Design: Tropical Balinese

Master Plan

Botanica Prestige Master Plan

Botanica Sky Valley

Botanica Sky Valley

Following the success of high-end villa project The Valley, the developer just launched  Sky Valley located at the adjacent land.

The villas keep the same ultra modern design and come with 2 options: Type B (4 bed. /4 batth.) or  Type C (5 bed. / 8 bath.)

Botanica Sky Valley boats a prime location on Layan hills,  in easy reach to the beaches, golf courses, shopping and activities.

  • Location: Layan
  • Number of villas: 25
  • Land plot sixe: from 926 to 2,465 sqm
  • Built-up size: from 625 sqm
  • Design: Ultra Modern Luxury 
  • Villa Types:
    • Type B: 4 bed. / 4 bath.
    • Type C: 5 bed./ 8 bath.

Botanica Tonino Ocean Valley

Botanica Ocean Valley villa

Introducing Botanica Tonino Ocean Valley, a new villa development by Awards winning architects Botanica Phuket and the luxury brand Tonino Lamborgini.

The project has been designed to become a new benchmark in high-end residential architecture, representing a perfect combination of brand spirit and avant-garde design.

Surrounded by ocean view and beautifully landscaped, Botanica Tonino Ocean Valley enjoys a prime location at Ao Po, North of Phuket,

  • Location: Ao Po, North Phuket
  • Number of villas: 9
  • Land plot sixe: from 1,143 to 1,818 sqm
  • Built-up size: from 625 sqm
  • Design: Ultra Luxury 
  • Villa Type
    • Type B: 4 bed. / 4 bath.
    • Type C: 5 bed./ 8 bath

Botanica Hythe Condominium

Botanica Hythe condominium

Botanica Hythe Condominium project is a new residence set on a prime location at Phuket Laguna, on the West coast of Phuket island.

The luxury residence is built by prestigeous developer specialized in high-end residence and is part of the Botanica Grand Avenue complex.

Botanica Hythe Condominium provides a large choice of units; from 1 bedroom 60 sqm to spacious 700+ sqm pool Penthouse.

Botanica Grand Sea Through

Botanica Grand Sea Through

Introducing Botanica Grand Sea Through, a new villa development by Awards winning architects from Botanica Phuket.

The 2-storey Modern Luxury designs is crafted with a unique blend of urban living, healthy lifestyle, and natural beauty.

Botanica Grand Sea Through boasts an excellent location in Rawai village, on the Southest par of Phuket island.

  • Location: Rawai, South Phuket
  • Number of villas: 4
  • Land plot sixe: from 419 to 515 sqm
  • Design: Modern Luxury 
Botanica Grand Sea Through surrounding

Botanica Luxury Krabi

Botanica Luxury Krabi is a luxurious villa project in Krabi, designed to offer serenity and natural beauty amidst the pristine seas and islands of the region.

It adopts the impressive Balinese villa style providing guests with high-quality accommodation amid Krabi’s stunning natural beauty.

Guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while indulging in the convenience and spa amenities offered by Botanica Luxury Krabi, catering to those seeking a luxurious stay experience.

  • Location: Krabi, South Phuket
  • Number of villas: 25
  • Land plot sixe: from 455 to 774 sqm
  • Built-up size from 310 sqm
  • Design: Modern Loft
  • 3 Villa Types
  • 3 or 4 bedrooms configuration

Botanica MontAzure

Botanica MontAzure

At the heart of Kamala Beach in Phuket lies Botanica MontAzure. More than just luxurious residences; it offers a lavish lifestyle, steps away from the beach.

Within close reach of the shimmering waters, the 36 villas beautifully capture the essence of nature — enveloping lush forests, strikingly magnificent mountains, and iridescent ocean vistas.

With leasehold and freehold options on offer at Botanica MontAzure, it has never been easier to own your slice of paradise. Choose from two contemporary luxury designs and tailor your space to perfection.

  • Location: Kamala, South Phuket
  • Number of villas: 16 (Phase 1)
  • Land plot sixe from 719 sqm
  • Built-up size from 450 sqm
  • Design: Modern Luxury
  • 3 Villa Types
  • 4 or 5  bedrooms configuration

Botanica Louvre

Botanica Louvre villas

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Bangtao Beach, along the tranquil Pasak Soi 8 in Cherngtalay, Phuket, Thailand, Botanica Louvre stands as a testament to contemporary elegance and refined living.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic silhouette of the Louvre Museum in Paris, Botanica Luxury Villa proudly unveils its latest 2024 collection – Botanica Louvre.

  • Location: Cherngtalay, Central Phuket
  • Number of villas: 8
  • Land plot sixe from 435 sqm
  • Built-up size from 336 sqm
  • Design: Modern Luxury
  • 3  bed. / 3 bath.

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